Business Setup in Dubai Outsource City (DSC) Free Zone

DSC Company License

Dubai Outsource City (DSC) is a free zone in Dubai that offers a unique business environment for outsourcing and shared services companies. Dubai Outsource City is home to a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large multinationals.

Benefits of Dubai Outsource City Business Setup:

Favorable tax regime: Companies in DSC are not subject to corporate taxes, making it a tax-efficient option for businesses.

100% foreign ownership: Foreign investors can own 100% of their businesses in DSC, making it a great option for businesses that want to maintain full control of their operations.

Simplified visa process: DSC has a simplified visa process for employees, making it easy to attract and retain top talent.

World-class infrastructure: DSC is home to world-class infrastructure, including office space, telecommunications, and transportation.

Premier Business Hub: DSC isn’t just a location; it’s a thriving ecosystem designed to foster growth and transformation. As a dynamic business hub, DSC serves as a nucleus for companies seeking to optimize their outsourcing and offshoring operations.

Strategic Location: Situated strategically within Dubai, DSC offers unparalleled connectivity to regional and international markets. Seamlessly link with clients and partners around the world, leveraging Dubai’s position as a global business and trade epicenter.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: At DSC, innovation is woven into the very fabric of the environment. Modern, technologically advanced facilities and world-class infrastructure ensure that your business operates at its peak potential.

Customizable Office Spaces: Your workspace should reflect your business identity. DSC offers customizable office solutions that cater to your unique requirements, promoting productivity, collaboration, and creativity.

Multi-Sector Expertise: Regardless of your industry, DSC accommodates diverse sectors – from IT and finance to healthcare and more. Join a vibrant community of like-minded professionals and tap into cross-industry collaboration.

Global Networking: Networking isn’t just an opportunity; it’s a way of life at DSC. Connect with industry leaders, innovators, and decision-makers, opening doors to new ventures, partnerships, and growth prospects.

Setting up your business in Dubai Outsource City (DSC) is an exciting venture that can open doors to endless opportunities in the outsourcing and offshoring sector. 

Research and Planning

Business Idea: Define your business model, services, and target market within the outsourcing or offshoring sector. Conduct thorough research to understand the demand and competition.

Legal Structure: Decide on the legal structure of your business. DSC offers various options, including Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) or Branch of a Foreign Company.

Choose a Business Activity

Select Activities: Determine the specific activities your business will engage in. DSC accommodates a wide range of sectors, so choose the activities that align with your business plan.

Licensing and Registration

Consultation: Seek expert advice from business consultants who are well-versed in DSC’s regulations and procedures. They can guide you through the entire process.

Choose a License Type: Select the appropriate license type based on your business activity. The DSC website provides a list of available license types.

Application Submission: Prepare and submit your license application along with the required documentation. This usually includes a completed application form, passport copies, business plan, and other relevant documents.

Approval and Payment: Once your application is reviewed and approved, you’ll receive an approval notice. Pay the necessary fees to proceed.

Leasing Office Space

Office Selection: Choose the type and size of office space that suits your business needs. DSC offers flexible office solutions, from serviced offices to customized spaces.

Lease Agreement: Sign the lease agreement and make the required payments. This will grant you access to your chosen office space.

Visa and Employee Sponsorship

Visa Application: Apply for employee visas through the relevant authorities. DSC will assist you in the visa application process.

Post-License Setup

Bank Account: Open a business bank account in a UAE bank to manage your financial transactions.

Operational Setup: Set up your office space, IT infrastructure, and other operational requirements.

Compliance and Operations

Regulations and Compliance: Familiarize yourself with DSC’s regulations and ensure your business operations adhere to them.

Commence Operations: Once everything is set up, you can start operating your business within DSC.

Dubai Outsource City is one of the most efficient and supportive free zones for outsourcing companies to establish their business operations. BFormations provide end-to-end support and help navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape to ensure a smooth and efficient setup process.

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