Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Mainland

Abu Dhabi Mainland Company Formation License

Abu Dhabi mainland business license is a permit issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) that allows Business Setup in the Abu Dhabi Mainland. Mainland businesses have the freedom to trade within and outside the UAE, but they are subject to corporate taxes.

Benefits of an Abu Dhabi Mainland Business License:

There are many benefits to obtaining an Abu Dhabi mainland business license, including:

Access to the mainland market: The mainland market is the largest market in the UAE, and it is home to a large and growing consumer base.

Freedom to trade: Mainland businesses have the freedom to trade with businesses both within and outside the UAE.

Access to a skilled workforce: Abu Dhabi has a skilled workforce with a high level of English proficiency.

Strategic location: Abu Dhabi is located in a strategic location between Europe, Asia, and Africa.

There are three main types of Abu Dhabi Mainland Company license:

  • Commercial License
  • Professional License
  • Industrial License

Cost of an Abu Dhabi Mainland Business License

The cost of an Abu Dhabi mainland business license varies depending on the type of business you are setting up and the services you require. However, the cost typically ranges from AED 12,000 to AED 25,000.

How to Apply for an Abu Dhabi Mainland Business License

You can apply for an Abu Dhabi mainland business license online or in person at the DED. The application process typically takes about 10 days.

Advantages of Company Formation in Abu Dhabi:

1. Full Access to the UAE Market: Establishing a company in Abu Dhabi provides unrestricted access to the vast UAE market, facilitating business growth and expansion opportunities.

2. No Local Sponsor Required: Unlike in some jurisdictions, Abu Dhabi does not mandate the need for a local sponsor, offering foreign investors greater control and ownership of their businesses.

3. Two-Year Commercial License: Companies in Abu Dhabi typically receive a commercial license valid for two years, providing stability and continuity for business operations.

4. Minimal Taxes for LLC Formation: Limited Liability Company (LLC) formation in Abu Dhabi incurs comparatively low tax liabilities, enhancing the attractiveness of the business environment.

5. Potential for Large-Scale Operations: Abu Dhabi’s strategic location and robust infrastructure create favorable conditions for companies to engage in large-scale operations and capitalize on diverse business opportunities.

6. Affordable Office Rental Rates: The cost of renting office spaces in Abu Dhabi is relatively low compared to other global business hubs, enabling cost-effective establishment and operation of businesses.

Steps to Establish a Company in Abu Dhabi Mainland:

1. Identify the Economic Activity: Begin by specifying the economic activity your company will engage in within Abu Dhabi Mainland.

2. Choose the Legal Form of Business: Determine the appropriate legal structure for your enterprise based on your business goals and requirements.

3. Register the Trade Name: Proceed to register the trade name for your company, ensuring it complies with local regulations and guidelines.

4. Obtain Initial Approval: Secure initial approval for your business setup from the relevant authorities in Abu Dhabi.

5. Obtain Approvals from Relevant Authorities: Acquire necessary approvals from the pertinent government departments and regulatory bodies as per the nature of your business activity.

6. Issue the Business License: Upon completing all prerequisites and obtaining approvals, finalize the process by obtaining the official business license for your company to commence operations in Abu Dhabi Mainland.

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Frequent Asked Questions
Can foreigners own 100% of a business in Abu Dhabi Mainland?

Yes, recent regulations allow foreigners to own 100% of their businesses in Abu Dhabi Mainland under specific conditions. This initiative is intended to encourage greater foreign investment in the region.

2. Is a local sponsor necessary to establish a business in Abu Dhabi Mainland?

Answer: In most instances, foreign businesses setting up in Abu Dhabi Mainland are obliged to have a local sponsor holding 51% ownership of the company. Nevertheless, exceptions and alternative arrangements exist to reduce the local sponsor’s involvement.